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Given our commitment to providing lighting solutions of the highest quality, Cyanlite offers ongoing after-sales services to our customers.

Cyanlite warrants its products to the purchaser against Manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for 5 years. In the event of a fault or defect arising within the term of the warranty, the warranty service involves Cyanlite either repairing the product for free or replacing it with a product of the same kind and type, according to its own choice. In so far as the affected lights are no longer available when the fault arises, Cyanlite is entitled to supply a similar product of equal value.

l  Failure rate less than 0.5%, we will send the replacements directly.

l  Failure rate less than 1%, we would need the application details, installation information, and defect product pictures for brief analysis and then send replacements.

l  Failure rate more than 1%, we would require customers to send back the defect product samples for detailed analysis. If the failure is due to product quality, we will send replacements together with a full 8D report showing how to terminate it completely in the short and long term.

All our products are designed for easy and fast installation. Our products package will contain an easy reading installation manual, demonstrating how to install our product step by step. And also, you can download our installation manual for each product from our website www.cyanlite.com/download.html anytime. Besides, you can find an installation video from our website or require it from our sales professionals, or just give us a call, you’re always welcome.

Customers' voices are extremely important for us to keep improving. We will conduct customer satisfaction surveys regularly to collect all customer’s feedback on product quality, installation, cost level, service, communication, and delivery. Till now our overall customer satisfaction rate is 98.7%.

We value customers' complaints as much as new orders. Counterintuitively, they will bring more orders if handled properly and efficiently. We consider it as a great opportunity to improve ourselves rather than a troublesome problem. All Cyanlite’s customer complaints will be recorded and reported to our management, and a special team consisting of managers and engineers will be set up to fix the issue from customer feedback.

With the demand from customers for some special projects, our sales professionals and engineers could fly immediately to customers' application sites anytime. We have long term multiple entry Schengen visa/USA visa and international driver license, which makes the travel very simple and we are ready to leave tomorrow. Also, we fly very frequently to visit our customers every year.


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