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Cyanlite FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

1.1  Q: Why shall I choose Cyanlite as my supplier?

1.2  Q: Where can I get datasheet and IES files for Cyanlite products?

1.3  Q: What is the Sample Policy of Cyanlite?

1.4  Q: What are Cyanlite’s strengths?

2. Quality

2.1  Q: How does Cyanlite control the product quality?

2.2  Q: Does Cyanlite product have any difference with similar products in the market?

2.3  Q: What Driver and LED is Cyanlite using?

2.4  Q: What is a PSI (Pre-Shipment Inspection)?

2.5  Q: Is every product tested before shipping?

3. Cost

3.1  Q: What is the Payment Term of Cyanlite?

3.2  Q: What is standard Incoterm of Cyanlite? Can I get EXW or CIF instead of FOB?

3.3  Q: How Cyanlite can offer cost competitive products?

3.4  Q: Can I have a better price?

3.5  Q: What is the Overall Cost of a lighting product?

3.6  Q: Why Cyanlite Fast Quotation and Quick Sample will help me win projects?

4. Delivery

4.1  Q: What is Cyanlite’s delivery time for samples and container order?

4.2  Q: What if I have a super urgent order? How fast can Cyanlite deliver?

4.3  Q: How is Cyanlite product packaging? Is it strong enough for shipment and transportation?

4.4  Q: Can I have a door to door delivery service?

5. Product

5.1  Q: What is Cyanlite product design philosophy?

5.2  Q: What certificates does Cyanlite product have?

5.3  Q: Can Cyanlite offer 300 lm/w LED luminaires?

5.4  Q: Why Cyanlite product is innovative?

5.5  Q: What is ETO (Engineer to Order)?

5.6  Q: Can I develop a new or special lighting product with Cyanlite?

5.7  Q: If I have a product concept, how fast can I expect a sample from Cyanlite?

5.8  Q: Can Cyanlite offer LSZH (Low-Smoke-Zero-Halogen)/Sulfur-Free/ Silicone-Free/ PBA-Free material for my products?

5.9  Q: Can I have Wago/Wieland connectors added to my products?

6. Flexibility

6.1  Q: What is the Cyanlite product MOQ?

6.2  Q: Can Cyanlite offer customized/bespoke products?

6.3  Q: Which particular luminaire parameters can I choose for my special projects?

6.4  Q: Does Cyanlite have experience in lighting niche markets for specialty applications?

6.5  Q: Can I have my special color box and logo for the packaging?

7. Service

7.1  Q: What services can Cyanlite provide to me?

7.2  Q: Can Cyanlite offer professional Project Light Planning?

7.3  Q: Why communication with Cyanlite is easy and efficient?

7.4  Q: Where shall I file my compliant?

7.5  Q: Who shall I talk to if I need extra support?

8. Installation

8.1  Q: Where can I find the accessory for the products?

8.2  Q: Is Cyanlite product easy to install?

8.3  Q: Do I need special tools to install Cyanlite products?

8.4  Q: Can I install the same Cyanlite luminaire in different ways? Recessed installation/Surface Mounted Installation/Suspended Installation?

8.5  Q: Why we can save cost by installing Cyanlite luminaires?

9. Warranty

9.1  Q: What is Cyanlite’s product warranty policy?

9.2  Q: What shall I do if I find a product failure?

9.3  Q: Will I receive free replacement?

9.4  Q: How long will Cyanlite reserve spare parts of obsolete product models for continuous after-sales service?

9.5  Q: Can Cyanlite offer longer (7 or 10 years) warranty if my project needs that?


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