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Today, the competition is no longer merely about sales, but more on comprehensive strength and cooperation, in which supply chain management ability is the core. We are headquartered in Shanghai, the most modern city in China, and the heart of the Yangtze River Delta. And our factory is sited in Zhejiang, only 2 hours driving away. With the help of our long time cooperating raw materials suppliers seated in neighbor cities, Cyanlite has excellent control over material cost, quality, and lead time. Right now, we can manage to deliver the goods within 2-4 weeks.

At this moment, we have 5 experienced buyers in the purchasing department and 2 SQE in the quality department. Whenever we start a new product, we'll proceed strictly based on our standard SCM policy.

Cyanlite Suppy Chain management

l  Fist stage, we shall choose around 8-12 material suppliers, contact them, and ask for a quotation to judge their market position and fitness.

l  Then we shall pick 6-8 suppliers based on the price range, which we shall require and check documentation and certificates.

l  If all the documents and certificates pass the checking, we shall require samples for testing.

l  Rating the quality, cost, delivery time and communication level for all sample testing passed suppliers, pick the best 3 suppliers for cooperation. Based on our grading system, we'll choose one as the supplier and the other 2 as back-up suppliers.

We highly value our cooperation and relationship with our suppliers. Like every subsidiary in Cyan Group, here in Cyanlite, regular visiting is a must. For example, we meet with our strategy suppliers at least once a month, exchanging information with each other. And for back-up suppliers, we pay visits every 3 months, and at least once every 6 months for C-grade suppliers.

So how do we grade our suppliers? Each year, we'll grade our suppliers based on lead time control, quality control, price support, communication, and aftersales. Of course, we never stop looking for new suppliers in the markets. This helps us get to know the market better and it's reasonable to always have a back-up supplier or Plan B.

For our clients, the above supplier chain management enables us to provide stable quality products with fast delivery at a competitive cost. And a strong supply chain is essential for us to be flexible and meet all kinds of special requirements from customers.


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