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Cyanlite Factory

Cyanlite was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of CYAN lighting group, aiming for the professional customers who have specific and premium requirements for office lighting, commercial lighting, and architectural lighting. Our team has more than 15 years’ experience in the lighting business.

Since its foundation, Cyanlite has been dedicating on office lighting, commercial lighting, and architectural lighting from professional R&D, massive manufacturing to attentive sales. After more than 5 years of steady development, the high performance of our products and our services have won numerous customers from Germany, Netherland, Scandinavia, UK, Spain, Italy, America, and 30 other countries abroad and we are recognized as a reliable partner, a trustworthy brand and a differentiated lighting solution provider.

Cyanlite Facilities

We proceed strictly and keep on polishing our scientific and systematical management on Supply Chain, Key Process Control, Storage Control, Packaging, Quality Control, Pre-shipment Inspection, and Services.  With these 7 strengths, we have been doing massive supply on commodity products, moreover, we have been very versatile and flexible on providing overall differentiated lighting solutions for global customers, using international design concepts, excellent development capabilities, and strong R&D teams to tailor new products based on customers’ different needs and demands. It’s our great pleasure to see our customers’ satisfaction with our numerous premium projects, like BMW, Daimler, Media Markt, CBA, Carrefour, etc.

At Cyanlite, we are proud of our founding principles, our heritage, and our customers. We will always keep innovating on products, strengthening the cooperation with our supply chain, and improving our services to become your reliable and trustworthy partner and to continue to contribute to the healthy development of the lighting industry and a greener world.

Righteous People, Reliable Product.

Contributing by offering the good light.

Growing and building a win-win relationship with customers, partners, and employees.

l  Customer-oriented.

l  Relentless Innovation and Long-term thinking.

l  Integrity, Reliability, and Responsibility.

l  Facts-based doer, always getting things done firmly.

l  Flexibility and Continuous Improvement.


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