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Packagings tell a lot, doesn’t it?

-After long waiting for transportation, have you ever had a disappointing experience when receiving broken products in a distorted package?

-Have you ever had an experience that you buy nice products but then you see something with a rough package, then you will know immediately the customer will distinctly decrease the interest in buying them?

-Have you ever bought products in a big and bulky package? And that leaves you wondering how much extra freight you might have paid, and you might also feel a little guilty for the environment due to the over-protection.

-Or when the goods finally arrive, and you want to install them, just to realize, it’s too difficult to take out the product and there is no manual, or the manual is too hard to understand?

We hear you! When designing the package, we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers: Protection, Quality, Freight Cost Saving, Easy to Open, Environment Friendly, and sometimes marketing.

We use quality multi-layer corrugated boxes and the ECO stuff material to protect the products, making sure the product can overcome the vibration during the transportation and drop test and arrives at you safely. And there’s a manual showing you how easy it’s to install the product.

Take our round Panel Cynthia for example, one-piece foam, and all-in package. It offers 360° protection to the product during transportation. Manual and all the kits are in the same box. Quick unpacking on-site and easy for installation, saving your time and costs, and making installers happy.

Cyanlite sound packaging

As a flexible company, color boxes and private labels, pallets, or without pallets are all welcome. You can be sure that the goods will arrive at you or your clients safe and sound, no matter it's through air or sea.


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