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Apart from commodity product production, we proud ourselves more on the know-how and the ability to turning ideas into reality, where we show our strength in 3 aspects: R&D, Supply Chain Management, and Key Process Control.

All the products are designed by our R&D experts and manufactured under 2 basic philosophies:

1. High Quality – we don’t produce inferior products, as normally the replacement is very costly and troublesome. We prefer to be cautious in the first place than sorry afterward. All Cyanlite products are 5 Year warranty.

2. Easy Installation – we understand sometimes the installation cost is even higher than the product itself. And customers can save huge money if the products can be installed perfectly and quickly.

In the meanwhile, our professional R&D team is always available for clients who needs a customized solution. Irregular shapes, customized sizes, sensors, different controls, smart lighting, HCL, etc. We enjoy new challenges and welcome new ideas.

Cyanlite Key Process control and R&D

As mentioned in our supply chain management, we are very strict in choosing and maintaining our material suppliers to get fast and stable lead time, high quality, and good price.

Also, all the manufacturing is processed within our factory. We have around 7 QC and 3 PE in the factory to make sure everything goes alright using our Key Process Control system. Along the way, we have accumulated many FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) for manufacturing a good product, and our KPC is set up based on these valuable experiences. These key processes and key parameters ensure the overall quality level and avoid waste. We will demonstrate how and what we do during each KPC when customers visit us on site.


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