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1. General FAQ

1.1  Q: Why shall I choose Cyanlite as my supplier?

1.2  Q: Where can I get datasheet and IES files for Cyanlite products?

1.3  Q: What is the Sample Policy of Cyanlite?

1.4  Q: What are Cyanlite’s strengths?

1.1 Q: Why shall I choose Cyanlite as my supplier?

A: Are you looking for a short-term product seller? Or a long-term supplier partner? In our opinion, for each successful business, reliable business partners are essential, which includes customers, suppliers and employees.

In Cyanlite, we think as our customers think, and we care what our customers care. High quality, competitive cost and excellent services, is what Cyanlite is delivering; And in return, a long term and reliable partnership are what we’re looking for.

Cyanlite business philosophy

Cyanlite has proven itself as a competent and reliable supplier partner in the following aspects:

Cyanlite Vision: Building a long-term partnership with customers, suppliers and employees.

Cyanlite Value: Customer-oriented. Cyanlite is a 100% customer-oriented company, so we are very flexible to meet all kinds of customers’ requirements.

High Quality: We don’t produce inferior products, because usually, the replacement is very costly and troublesome. We prefer to be cautious in the first place than say sorry afterwards. And when you pay for cheap, you pay twice.

Competitive Cost: If our customer can’t offer competitive price, they can’t win more business; if our customer can’t win more business where do we get business? Cyanlite ensures the competitive cost by Outstanding Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Optimized Product Design, High Production Yield and Reasonable Margin Level.

FQQS (Fast Quotation Quick Sample): Cyanlite FQQS ability allows us to quote your particular product within 24 hours and deliver a prototype sample within 7days. When your competitors are still calculating the cost, you already got the full quotation and a decent sample from Cyanlite to show your customer.

Excellent R&D: Cyanlite R&D director has been in the lighting industry since 2005, he has worked in many top lighting manufacturers and designed many luminaires and projects for lots of premium EU brands. He is leading a very excellent R&D team in Cyanlite with strong Supply Chain Base and professional know-how.

Outstanding ETO and Customization Capability: ETO and customization is our strength. Cyanlite has concrete experiences in developing new products for customers, and our excellent project management capability ensures the smooth implementation of each project.

Fast Delivery: Cyanlite will deliver the samples of standard products within 1-2 weeks depending on the stock availability, and 4-5 weeks lead time for container order. For the customers who need the products urgently, Cyanlite is able to deliver the order in 2-3 weeks.

Easy Installation: Easy Installation is our product design philosophy. Generally, the installation is costly, so both installer and end customer can save huge money and benefit a lot if the luminaires can be installed perfectly and quickly.

Efficient Communication: Salespeople are the bridge between customers and engineers; all Cyanlite account managers have at least five years experiences in the LED lighting industry with a solid technical background and fluent spoken English.

After-Sales Services: For a long-term partnership, business is far more than buy and sell. Before each shipment Cyanlite will provide a PSI report to customer; After product installation, we will be there to cover any product issue you have. Moreover, Cyanlite will reserve spare parts for at least 5 years continuous after-sales services even for obsoleted product model.

1.2 Q: Where can I get datasheet and IES files for Cyanlite products?

A: Normally you can find all technical data from Cyanlite website www.cyanlite.com, just use SEARCH function on top of the website and input KEYWORDS or PART NUMBER;

Cyanlite product search

Or find products by category.

Cyanlite product category

And on the product details page, you can find the Technical Data download link of that product.

Cyanlite datasheet and IES files

Or just simply ask Cyanlite sales account manager to get everything you need. If you are a new customer to Cyanlite, please email sales@cyanlite.com we will assign an account manager for you.

1.3 Q: What is the Sample Policy of Cyanlite?

A: Cyanlite usually will offer FREE samples to old customers. For new customers due to the high demand for free samples that we cannot afford, so Cyanlite will charge the sample but with no extra surcharge, and REFUND sample fee to customer once the official order is placed (most customers will place official order after checking our sample quality).

If you indeed have difficulties of paying a small amount sample fee, please email our management team at customer@cyanlite.com to get a free sample.

1.4 Q: What are Cyanlite’s strengths?

A: Cyanlite stands out from countless luminaire manufacturers because of our strengths, and the benefits it brings to the customers.

Professional Know-how: more than 15 years LED lighting experiences and know-now, especially for the segments like metal ceiling lighting, architectural lighting and specialty lighting.

ETO ability: Outstanding Engineer-to-Order capability, bespoke and customized solutions to meet customer’s particular project needs.

Supply Chain Management: Wide and deep supply chain base to support all kinds of customer particular requirements.

Cyanlite Strength


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