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Customized Lighting Product Development with Cyanlite

As a customer-oriented company, it requires Cyanlite has very excellent ETO (Engineer to Order) ability, outstanding SCM (Supply Chain Management) to support customers’ particular product specification, and professional know-how to understand customer’s product concept. And that is precisely what Cyanlite is good at.

Customized lighting products with Cyanlite

ETO is an ideal solution in situations, where the customer needs a product which is customized specifically to their needs. For example, luminaire where vital measurements or other parameters are dependent on the exact place/situation of use, or some functionality is needed, which does not exist yet in any product. The amount of product engineering can be a small, order-specific modification or sizing, or a significant R&D effort of planning new functionality.

We have been cooperating with countless European top lighting brands and premium projects, delivering all kinds of tailor-made lighting products to meet their various special requirements perfectly. Talk to us today to see what we can do for you.

Cyanlite product customization and development

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