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Cyanlite IP65 Waterproof LED Panel


The Cyanlite™ IP65 waterproof panel lights have been designed specifically for dusty and wet places where it requires higher IP protection of wet/damp air, steaming, splashing, raining, etc, eg. The protection design makes it an ideal solution for swimming pool, hot springs, sauna room, kitchen etc. The main materials are aluminum profiles, steel and PMMA. The panel light adopts super bright LEDs and powered by low constant voltage driver with instant start. The aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable offering excellent thermal management.

Cyanlite IP65 LED Panel Light Waterproof

Cyanlite IP65 LED Panel Light Waterproof

Cyanlite IP65 Waterproof LED Panel Light Tech Doc Download

Cylanlite IP65 Waterproof LED Panel light Datasheet

Cylanlite IP65 Anti-Bacterial LED Panel light Datasheet

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