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Cyanlite Products Warranty Letter


Cyanlite Products Warranty Letter

Cyanlite warrants its products to the purchaser against manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for a period of 5 years unless specified in specification, datasheet or quotation.

“Warranty Period” will begin at the date of original Product purchase from either Cyanlite, or an authorized Cyanlite Distributor/Dealer. Cyanlite will repair or replace product covered under this warranty with components of Cyanlite’s election or discretion. Advances in technology may lead to “better or advanced” products being selected for replacement.

This Warranty is further conditioned on the purchaser contacting Cyanlite during the warranty period to review issue and initiate the Return Material Authorization (RMA) process. This must be done prior to the return of any defective product. Only Cyanlite manufactured products may be returned through the Cyanlite RMA process. No defective products, Cyanlite or otherwise, will be returned to purchaser. The Cyanlite RMA form must be legible and completed in detail prior to agreement for return. The Cyanlite Warranty is further conditioned and will only apply to Cyanlite products that are properly installed. This includes wiring and connection to proper approved components and product working environments. This Warranty is void and does not apply to products that fail because of neglect, mistake, misuse, alteration, or that is improperly installed and implemented. This includes but is not limited to improper wiring, installation under improper and non-approved operating environments such as temperature, humidity or voltage conditions; improper installation using components that are not approved or are not Cyanlite manufactured products.

Installation and usage of Cyanlite products should only be completed in association and complete knowledge of all necessary and related codes, standards and instructions of installation. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to obtain all necessary approvals and to understand the product’s intended use and all relevant instructions, recommendations, and guidelines for the proper installation and use of any Cyanlite product and related “manufactured products,” used in conjunction with. The accuracy and completeness of any of any statements, technical information and recommendations in any form of product literature or instructions are not guaranteed, are not part of this Warranty, and does not in any way constitute a warranty. The purchaser for suitability of installation and full implementation must determine potential applications and installations independently.

What is not covered under this Limited Warranty is defects of any kind caused or created by improper installation of any kind; damaged caused during shipping to purchaser or beyond; “acts of Nature.” Cyanlite will not cover additional labor costs or Warranty such labor associated with replacement product.

To protect the interests of customers and accelerate the procedure of product claim handling, the below Fast Responding Process FRP is applied since January of 2016.

l   Failure rate less than 0.5%, Cyanlite will send the replacements directly.

l   Failure rate less than 1%, Cyanlite would need the application details, installation information, and defect product pictures for brief analysis and then send replacements.

l   Failure rate more than 1%, Cyanlite would require customers to send back the defect product samples for detailed analysis. If the failure is due to product quality, we will send replacements together with a full 8D report showing how to terminate it completely in the short and long term.


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