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Cyanlite LED Free Standing and Desktop Luminaire TWINS and TWINS D


The Cyanlite™ LED free standing / desktop luminaire TWINS / TWINS D is for one 1*2m working plane with luminaire head in classic design. The floor standing version has flat steel base plate for high stability and space-saving positioning with office furniture. And desktop version is suitable for all types of fixed and height-adjustable desks. The luminaire is of 50% direct and 50% indirect light emission. Electrical connection via 2.5m connection cable and plug. With integrated PIR presence sensor and daylight sensor for constant illuminance in the luminaire surroundings when the luminaire is switched on and for natural light incidence. Support column is of assembled aluminum profile shaped rectangular, making it possible for all-in package in benefit of easy transportation and flexible sales.

Cyanlite LED free standing luminaire TWINS

Cyanlite desktop luminaire TWINS D

Cyanlite LED free standing luminaire 


Cyanlite LED Free Standing / Desktop Luminaire TWINS / TWINS D Tech Doc Download

Cyanlite LED Free Standing / Desktop Luminaire TWINS/ TWINS D Datasheet

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