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Cyanlite LED panel light COI<3.3 compliant series for health care and medical applications


The Cyanlite™ COI compliant LED panel light offers uniform color temperature 4000K ±300K and high color rendering. Typical values of Ra and R9 are tested as 96 and 98. Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) is less than 3.3, which is fully compliant to AS1680.2.5:1997 and significant for medical staff to reliably detect cyanosis through clinical observation. The panel light is equipped with SAA approved driver and with Australian plug attached for safe and easy installation. The product family is especially designed for medical applications within hospital where requires close color rendition of skin for diagnosing cyanosis. .

Cyanlite COI Compliant LED Panel Light, COI<3.3

Cyanlite LED round panel light for medical lighting

Cyanlite LED COI Compliant Panel Tech Doc Download

Cyanlite LED Round panel light COI<3.3 Compliant Series Datasheet

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Cyanlite COI3.3(Cyanosis obsevation index) Test report of LED Panel

Cyanlite COI3.3(Cyanosis obsevation index) Test report of Cyanlite LED Panel

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Cyanlite LED panel light COI<3.3


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