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Cyanlite TURBO LED Batten Light


Cyanlite surface mounted LED Batten Light Turbo

Cyanlite Turbo is a design-driven, high performance Linear LED Batten that replaces fluorescent battens and tube fixtures. It is really easy to install, thanks to its unique Clip mechanism, which drops down to let the fitting be screwed securely into place – meaning it can be installed very fast and safe. Delivering upto 140Lm/W, the Cyanlite Turbo LED Batten provides ultra-bright light output and up to 65% energy savings.

The Turbo LED Batten has been designed with multi-colour white LEDs that produces Switchable Colour Temperatures and Power Adjustable function, where the output can be selected from Daylight (5000K) through to Natural (4000K) to Warm (3000K) and different power consumption and brightness within the same fitting. This significant reduces the SKU stock stress and the complexity of project product management.

Ideal for lighting car parks, industrial spaces, offices, food and drink production and healthcare environments. Available in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft lengths with models including Standard and Emergency.

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