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  • Architectural lighting NOVA N1
  • Architectural lighting NOVA N1
  • Architectural lighting NOVA N1
  • Architectural lighting NOVA N1
Architectural lighting NOVA N1Architectural lighting NOVA N1Architectural lighting NOVA N1Architectural lighting NOVA N1

Architectural lighting NOVA N1

  • Product Item : NOVA N1
  • - For T15/T24 Lay-On ceiling
  • - 5 Years Warranty
  • - Certification: CE, RoHS
  • - Easy Installation
  • Product description:NOVA N1 - Cyanlite architectural lighting NOVA series model N1.
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Cyanlite Architectural lighting NOVA N1 - Round light in 60x60 Ceiling Grid

Cyanlite Architectural Lighting NOVA round shape in square ceiling tile

The Cyanlite™ Novelty LED Backlit panel lights Nova series are designed for high-end premium projects, especially for clients who are looking for differentiation. Inside the square panel, it comes with 4 luminous shapes, round, fan-shaped, diagonal and octagon. This fully allows clients to choose and assemble patterns to their preferences. Adopting the benefit of LED Backlite technology, this luminaire has no light guide inside, no worry about yellowish problem compared with edge lit panel light. The aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable, stable, and with excellent thermal management. It could directly fit into the Lay-On ceiling systems perfectly, no need for extra accessories.  Flicker free, on off as standard; 1-10V and DALI dimming are optional. A good product for office, hospital, school, shop, and other open planed location.


-          Different and stylish, freedom to create patterns as clients wants.

-          No light guide, no yellowish problem.

-          Needs no additional installation accessories, saving material cost

-          Easy and fast installation, no additional job for screws or adjustment, saving installation cost

-          A wide product range for all major standard Lay-on ceiling tile sizes

-          Flexible and customization oriented, bespoke sizes are welcome

-          Professional LED lighting manufacturer, ODM for EU top lighting brands, no risk for partnership


l   Standard sizes (mm): 600x600, 625x625

l   RAL9016 as standard, other RAL colors available on request

l   EN 12464-1& LG7 Compliant, UGR<19 Optional when fitted with Micro Prismatic diffuser

l   Range of color temperatures 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K & 6000K

l   5 Years Warranty

l   Various dimming options, including 0-10V, DALI, Switch Dim etc.

l   Emergency options available



Part No.






35 W

3500 lm




35 W

3500 lm



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Cyanlite LED architectural lighting NOVA datasheet/installation manual/photometric data download

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