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  • Olivia TP
Olivia TP

Olivia TP

  • - Direct and indirect light with opalic diffuser and non-yellowing transparent PMMA light guide
  • - 120lm/W, LED panel light oval shaped
  • - 5 Years Warranty; CE, RoHS2.0, REACH approval
  • Product description:Cyanlite LED panel light Olivia TP family for direct and indirect light by suspended installation, 120lm/W, oval shaped, non-yellowing transparent PMMA LGP.
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Cyanlite direct and indirect transparent LED panel light oval shaped Olivia TP

The Cyanlite™ LED panel lights Olivia TP series has been designed in oval shape. The Olivia TP LED panel lights are playful luminaires that are available in variety of linear sizes and functions that can enable the space in modern style. The product is direct/indirect lighting with transparent diffuser, suspended luminaire for diverse applications. Because of the curves, oval shaped luminaires Olivia TP can be used as stand-alone elements to light objects, or design an array to create a stunning light feature by combining various panel sizes, frame color finishing, and light distributions.

Cyanlite LED panel oval shaped Olivia TP

Cyanlite LED panel oval shaped Olivia TP  


-          Specifically designed for offices, sales areas, exhibition spaces, banks, ticket halls, etc.

-          Easy and fast installation, saving installation cost

-          Transparent appearance achieving a space of penetration and low glare

-          Flexible and customization oriented, bespoke sizes are welcome

-          Professional LED lighting manufacturer, ODM for EU top lighting brands, no risk for partnership


l   direct/indirect lighting via transpaerent diffuser for harmonious luminous environment

l   Standard sizes (mm): 400x800, 500x1000

l   RAL9016 white as standard, other RAL colors available on request

l   System Efficiency upto 120lm/W

l   EN 12464-1& LG7 Compliant, UGR<19 Optional when fitted with Micro Prismatic diffuser

l   Range of color temperatures 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K & 6000K

l   5 Years Warranty

l   Various dimming options, including 0-10V, DALI, Switch Dim etc.

l   Emergency options available

Cyanlite LED panel light oval shaped Olivia

Cyanlite LED panel light oval shaped Olivia 



Part No.


Luminous Flux


Efficiency @ 4000K




2400lm↑ 2400lm↓






3000lm↑ 3000lm↓



- Light Distribution

Cyanlite LED panel light oval shaped Olivia TP  


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Cyanlite LED Panel Light Oval Shaped Olivia TP datasheet/installation manual/photometric data download